Exercising While Injured: How To Stay In The Game

exercising-while-injuredIf you have a truly exercise inhibiting injury, that’s one thing.  Obviously talking to your doctor is key when exercising while injured.  You want to make sure that exercise is even a possibility.  Many injuries, though, are minor enough to work around and still get some exercise.  In other words, an injury does not necessarily have to be an ALL STOP on your exercise, fitness, or nutrition.  There are ways to navigate injuries and still do some positive things.  I know, as I’m sitting here with a wrap on my ankle and have now gone a week without a leg day!  I’m still getting it done.  :)

Exercising While Injured

Step 1: Assess your injury.  Anything other than a minor injury and you will need to seek professional advice.  Yes, this means you have to see a doctor.  If it’s minor enough and you can self assess it, then the key will be…

Step 2: Identify what you CAN’T do.  Since it’s my ankle, I know that I cannot do leg or highly cardio based workouts.  Determine what will aggravate your injury and simply avoid those exercises and workouts.

Step 3: Identify what you CAN do.  What other workouts can you do that doesn’t involve your injured body part?  I am hitting upper body workouts to stay clear of my leg injury.  I am emphasizing chest, back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.  That’s plenty for me to do… but I still can’t wait to get back and hit my leg workouts.  But…

Important: Don’t start working your injury or injured area too soon.  Give it time.  I won’t get little chicken legs by skipping legs for a couple of weeks (even though it feels like it).  Patience.

Step 4: Execute the new plan.  Make sure that you are especially careful.  Just dealing with weights and moving around can prove risky to your injury.  Slow down and BE CAUTIOUS when exercising while injured.

Special Note: If you have a serious injury and can’t workout at all… focus on diet.  Make this a time to really dial in your eating and get good at nailing macros and eating clean foods.  A decent diet and you will lose nothing in the time you are down.  You may even learn to eat better!

Exercising While Injured

That’s it.  Exercising while injured is easy if you follow these steps.  Take it easy, be patient, and you can keep your progress moving forward!

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
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