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effective-bloggingYou may have noticed that I have been blogging may a$$ off lately.  While it may be considered a cry for attention or some type of weird narcissistic hobby (I won’t lie, it is just a little bit)…  it’s really my attempt to rule the blogosphere in my particular area of fitness.  I am just trying to do some effective blogging.  You may wonder what effective blogging is, and I will tell you.  It’s about both creating an audience and getting good rankings with the search engines.  This way you have an audience to draw in.  I am only 60 days into my 90 day Blog90X experience, but here is what I have learned.

Effective Blogging

It’s about exactly two things.  Keyword research and creating quality content.  THAT’S IT!  If you do these two things, you will be a better blogger, draw more people to your site, and create a larger audience.  This is what effective blogging is all about!  If you can do the keyword research effectively and be very disciplined with creating content on a regular basis, your blog will grow.  Starting from scratch 45 days ago, following these steps, I have now around 50 daily readers.  That’s really good for a brand new baby blog.  I expect to blow that number up by day 90 and beyond.  Here’s how I’m doing it.

Effective Blogging – Keyword Research

Keyword research is of critical importance if you are trying to rank with the search engines and nail your target audience with content that they’re looking for.  Doing this correctly will mean that you get exactly the people you want on your blog and if they like what they see, they’ll be back!

The Google Keyword Research tool is very helpful and a great place to start your keyword research for effective blogging.  Unfortunately it does not give you enough information to really target your niche audience and find keywords that both get traffic and don’t have a lot of ominous competition.  The tool that Market Samurai provides is perfect for nailing all three of these things.  If you really want to see how keyword research works, watch these videos from Market Samurai.  If you are convinced you would like to buy the tool (one time fee of $149), go to the link below to purchase.

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Effective Blogging – Creating Quality Content Consistently

The other key tenant of effective blogging is creating quality content that appeals to your audience… and doing it over and over and over.  If you simply give people something they want, they will come back.  They will read your articles and they will listen to your advice.  This is so crucial to effective blogging!  You will want to come up with topics, write quality articles on those topics, and then do that on a very regular basis.  I blog daily right now but you should plan on blogging once a week AT A MINIMUM.  Really if you can blog daily or every other day starting out, you will jump start your blog and create a ton of content for your readers.

There are many blogs you can check out to get ideas for topics, styles, pictures, and hooks.  Find the best blogs in your particular niche and use them as a bit of a template.


Blogging Domination Blueprint

The other thing I highly, highly recommend is taking Jonathon Register’s Blogging Domination Blueprint online course.  JR’s course is a wealth of information on blogging techniques, search engine optimization (SEO), and even creating your blog from scratch.  It’s exactly what I used to create my blog and it was like following a recipe for effective blogging, step by step.  The course is a steal at $97 and will make you a pro blogger in about a week!  Click link below to learn more or get your hands on Blogging Domination Blueprint!

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Effective Blogging – Go For It

Armed with these two tools, and spending time going through the tools and courses I recommended (take good notes!), you will be set to be the best blogger on your block.  If you have been watching my blog at all and noticing that it is a professional quality blog that is consistent and has solid content, it’s because I have used these things to do the two key things I discussed, keyword research and creating content.  Once you know how to do these things… the mystery of blogging is unveiled and you will have all the basic tools that the best blogger have!

If you are serious about your blog I urge you to either jump in with the advice I am giving you here or feel free to contact me, as I am happy to help out.  I will say that real, effective blogging takes work and discipline…  but anything of any significant value always does.  Thanks for reading and see you out there on the blogosphere!

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