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choose-calories-wiselyPeople count calories. It’s how we diet. If you’re paying attention to what you are eating, you probably have some limitation to the number of calories you can eat each day. Poor diet plans sometimes have incredibly low calorie restriction… which usually leads to some sort of food blowout. The thing that I’ve learned over the years with healthy eating and maintaining my weight loss… is that caloric intake is great to know… but it’s not the most important factor. While you do have to watch the number of calories you eat to some degree (you can’t eat 5000 calories and expect to lose weight in most cases)… actually choosing the optimal food that your calories come from will make a much larger impact on your result. That’s why I say choose calories wisely.

Choose Calories Wisely

Here’s the deal. Not all calories are created equal. The calories from a low calorie diet product are not nearly as healthy as the calories in a piece of unprocessed meat or a sweet potato.

When you eat “food products” that are typical of many diets, you can’t eat many calories before you see the effect of eating a surplus. On the other hand, you can eat unprocessed food like steak, eggs, whole dairy products, and healthy fats till you are full and still be healthy and even lose weight…. given you are not gorging yourself and grossly overeating.

Choose Calories Wisely

It’s pretty simple. If you eat clean foods and have a relative balance protein, fat, and carbs at each meal…. you can’t lose. Actually I mean to say that you can lose… and that loss will be body fat!

So instead of choosing low calorie products that have very little nutrition or balance…. products that do not satisfy your hunger, have excess sugars, and store as body fat…. choose calories wisely. Pick whole foods. Prepare them cleanly and eat balanced meals. Your body will do the rest!!

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
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