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chalenes-30-day-pushChalene Johnson is a great fitness trainer, business woman, and motivational speaker.  She has developed programs that are worldwide fitness phenomena. Heard of TurboFire? That’s a big one. Also programs like Chalean Extreme (women’s lifting program and my favorite of hers) and PiYo (pilates and yoga combined). One of the things she has done is put together a 30 day video training course. It’s called Chalenes 30 Day Push and it’s fantastic. Best of all, it comes directly to your inbox, daily. And it’s free. I urge anyone to read this short article and enroll in the course. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Chalenes 30 Day Push

You might be curious as to what the 30 Day Push is. Well, it’s a short course designed to help you with time management, goal setting, and using systems to both maximize efficiency and move toward your goals. It helps take the chaos out of your daily drag by giving it order and priority. With Chalenes 30 Day Push, you will find yourself creating time while getting more important tasks accomplished. Therefore moving both your personal and goal-focused life forward.

But it’s not easy. To change you’ll have to watch the videos every day and do the homework. Some days it takes 5 minutes… some days it takes 20 minutes. But that’s the price of change and progress. It’s worth every minute you will spend. I promise

I urge anyone… fans, challengers, and/or coaches to enroll in Chalenes 30 Day Push. If you complete 30 days, you will have learned a ton in a short time… and you will see the benefits right away!

>>Take The 30 Day Push<<

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