Calories And Carbs… Yes, I’ll Have Those

calories-and-carbsYesterday was my first day of a new lifting program designed to build muscle.  While I enjoy lifting weights more than any other form of exercise… the new diet plan is also a welcome change.  My typical diet is about 2400 calories a day… and it lowers to about 1800 calories a day when I want to cut fat.

But when I am adding muscle mass, I eat 3000 calories a day.  And about half of those calories are carbohydrates.  That’s right, 1500 calories of my 3000 calorie diet will come from carbs.  Calories and carbs… just another reason I love real fitness… I get to eat!

Calories and Carbs


This means that carbs from sugar suck… and carbs from nutrient rich foods are great…  to make it clear,

Think a cookie vs quinoa.  Which do you think I am eating?

While a cookie will give me the calories and carbs I need to hit that high carb number…. a cookie has almost ZERO nutritional density.  On the other hand, quinoa will have a ton of vitamins and nutrients that will help me to build muscle.  So getting my carbs from a food like quinoa is vastly different than anything sugary and devoid of nutrition, like a cookie.

That said, I do like cookies.  I’m no different than you.  :)

So the type of carb does matter.  One will add weight to the waistline and the other will add muscle to your frame.

Calories and Carbs

In eating 1500 calories worth of carbs (about 375 grams), I will be focusing on 5 sources for these carbs:

  • Results & Recovery Drink (40 grams of carbs)
  • Vegetables (80 grams of carbs from vegetables)
  • Fruit (60 grams of carbs from fruit)
  • Lentils (80 grams of carbs from lentils)
  • Starches/Breads (60 grams of carbs from starches/breads)
  • Other (50 grams of carbs from other foods)

Calories and Carbs

As you can see, only a small amount of carbs come from sugary fruits and carby starches/breads.  The other major portion comes from vegetables, lentils, and other healthy foods (like Shakeology!).

Understanding your food will make a world of difference in your results… whether you are trying to cut body fat or add muscle.  Once you understand food basics… it’s all about building a good diet plan that works.

The best part is that you can create a diet plan that is delicious and doesn’t leave you hungry.  Not at all.  And this is the real secret to a healthy and happy lifestyle!

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