Ryan’s Body Beast Review

body-beast-reviewIf you have done a round or two of P90X and are looking for something a little (okay, a lot) different… I have two words for you.  BODY BEAST.  This is a new program from the makers of P90X and it takes the lifting aspect of P90X to the next level and beyond.  I have never had more fun doing workouts than I have with Body Beast.  I have never gained as much muscle mass either.  Body Beast, in short, is a hardcore lifting program that you can do in your home with a set of dumbbells.  Did I mention it will KICK YOUR ASS?  It will.  This is my Body Beast review.

Ryan’s Body Beast Review


Your Trainer – Sagi Kalev

Body Beast is simple.  Lift your butt off every day.  You will do some cardio workouts, but very few.  The majority of the time you will be moving A TON of volume with the goal of maximum muscle mass recruitment.  The lifting is super intense and fast paced too (there’s your cardio) and you will be challenged at a level that you never have before.  Combined with the very interesting Body Beast nutrition phases, you will be eating like a horse (most of the time) and lifting.  That’s about it.  I guess I can stop my Body Beast review now….  but there’s more.


Body Beast Review – Build Phase

Diet – you will be eating more calories than you ever have in your life with the goal of starting your muscle mass gain.  I personally had to intake about 3300 calories a day and it was a challenge (remember, these calories come from healthy food, not crap).  One thing that really helped me pack in enough to gain mass was making high calorie shakes.  The Body Beast shakes made from Fuel Shot, Base Shake, and Max Creatine mixed with some water and juice not only gave me a great, optimized recovery drink… this mixture gave me a huge shot of healthy calories to get me on track with diet.  The Super Suma is a natural way to boost testosterone, key for building muscle.

Lifting – the first phase has longer lifting workouts with some split workout days.  These workouts are Build: Chest/Tris and Build: Back/Bis.  Both clock in at about 50 minutes and are challenging, but much like the split workouts you find in P90X.  These workouts are great for getting you used to lifting hard for a long time.  The other build workouts are Build: Legs and Build: Shoulders.  These are 40 and 35 minute workouts respectively.  Peppered into this phase are Beast: Abs and Beast: Cardio.  That is my Body Beast review for the Build phase, a great start to the program.

Body Beast Review – Bulk Phase

Diet – more of the same, except now you REALLY need all the calories you can get because you are doing max bulking during this phase.  Eat hearty and often is my advice in this Body Beast Review.  I was amazed at how much food I had to pack in.

Lifting – bye bye cardio, now we are just lifting like crazy.  Each day focuses on a single muscle group, except Bulk Arms… which does a split between biceps and triceps.  The Bulk phase workouts are Bulk: Chest (30 minutes), Bulk: Back (30 Minutes), Bulk: Legs (40 minutes), Bulk: Arms (35 minutes), and Bulk: Shoulders (35 minutes).  My Body Beast review of Bulk: Chest and Bulk: Legs are that they are phenomenal workouts and among the best I have ever done.  You will be doing Beast: Abs in here as well… but the majority of your time will be lifting very hard over much shorter amounts of time.

And don’t let the short workout times fool you.  Sagi Kalev, the Body Beast Review trainer, packs more lifting into 30 minutes than most people can accomplish in an hour.  This is serious training.

Body Beast Review – Beast Phase

Diet – now you cut back on calories to start to get rid of any excess body fat.  The body fat percentage drops and the muscle mass stays.  It’s awesome.  Even though I ate like a horse during Body Beast, I ended up at the lowest body fat percentage of my life!!!  All this was accomplished in this last phase.

Lifting – back to the longer split workouts!  You might think this would be easier, but guess what?  It’s not!  You learned how to lift hard and heavy in the Bulk phase and now you bring this intensity to the longer Build workouts.  Holy cow!  The Build workouts take on a whole new life and you are now going hard for 50 minutes during those split workouts (Build: Chest/Tris and Build: Back/Bis).  The result is that you are working out harder than ever!  You will continue to maintain the muscle mass you have acquired while cutting body fat.  My Body Beast review is that this is the magic behind the program!

Ryan’s Body Beast Review


8-10 Pounds of Muscle!

In the end, I gained about 8 pound of pure muscle and dropped from about 9% body fat to about 7% body fat.  Bigger muscles and a clean six pack… all in 90 days.  I was sore the entire time and there was no point in this program that I wasn’t challenged.  My personal experience and Body Beast review is that I got absolutely ripped doing Body Beast!

I highly recommend Body Beast to anyone that has done P90X one or more times or anyone that has trouble gaining muscle mass.  It is truly and effective program and it will change everything you thought you knew about weight lifting and body building… the most interesting being that you can do it effectively in the comfort of your own home!

Thanks for reading Ryan’s Body Beast review!!

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