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Beast Mode

It’s time to Beast Up!  Body Beast is the relatively new muscle and mass building program from the same fitness gurus that brought you P90X.  I’m starting the Beast back up this spring (first group early/mid April) and will be working with people to get them through the 90 day journey that is Body Beast.  If you have been doing P90X and are ready to change it up, or if you are doing something that isn’t getting results… this is the next level.  In this article we will review and talk about some awesome Body Beast results!

Body Beast Results: Dave


Dave’s Body Beast Results

Dave is a friend of mine that has always been in pretty good shape, working out regularly, and remained active.  When Dave took on Body Beast, he was a bit skeptical… I mean how good can an in home workout program be?  By the end of the first week, the excitement was visible.  He had found new, challenging workouts that really changed the way that he approached lifting weights.  That’s the best part of this program, it’s so effective, you feel results right off the bat (assuming you really Bring It during the workouts).  Fast forward 90 days and Dave got outstanding results.  He estimates that he gained around 10 pounds of calories burning, lean muscle mass… and at the young age of 47, Dave has a fricken 6 PACK!!  That’s a major accomplishment and a goal I will be shooting for!  Congrats to Dave for his epic Body Beast journey and really great Body Beast results!

Body Beast Results: Me!


Ryan’s Body Beast Results

I started Body Beast last summer at 155 pounds and my body fat was a little high from enjoying summer a bit too much.  Hitting the workouts hard (these workouts are crazy challenging and fun) and eating hearty (up to 3300 calories a day), I found myself gaining significant muscle mass for the first time ever.  In the end I weighed about 162 pounds and was at the lowest body fat percentage of my life.  I was ripped beyond belief and couldn’t have been happier with my Body Beast Results.  The best part was that this program FLEW BY with all the variety and changes throughout the program.  If you want to get ripped, Body Beast will teach you how!  And Body Beast will make working out and challenging yourself fun… even exciting!

Take Action: Let’s Get Body Beast Results Together

In April, I will be starting my round of Body Beast and I urge you to join me in doing the program.  I can provide significant insight and tips and well as the online support group to help you not only get through the 90 days, but CRUSH the program.  90 days from starting, you will see amazing Body Beast Results.  I will be supporting the Body Beast group during the months of April, May, June, and beyond… but TAKE ACTION NOW so that you are in the best shape possible for those shirtless summer months!

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More On Body Beast Results

Body Beast is simple.  Lift your butt off every day.  You will do some cardio workouts, but very few.  The majority of the time you will be moving A TON of volume with the goal of maximum muscle mass recruitment.  The lifting is super intense and fast paced too (there’s your cardio) and you will be challenged at a level that you never have before.  Combined with the very interesting Body Beast nutrition phases, you will be eating like a horse (most of the time) and lifting.  That’s about it.  I guess I can stop my Body Beast results review now….  but there’s more…

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Body Beast Results (article and Sagi Kalev – the Body Beast Trainer).

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