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body-beast-nutrition-guideBody Beast is a mass building program.  Wanna build muscle?  This program will do more for you than anything you will ever do.  It’s the most ridiculously, crazy hypertrophy based training I have ever seen.  Lifting, hard… 5 to 6 days a week.   With lifting hard and building muscle… comes eating big.  Real big.  And you have to know HOW to eat big to build muscle too.  The “Book of Beast” is the Body Beast nutrition guide that comes with the program, and here we will crack it open a bit and tell you how to use it.  Not only will you be eating more… you will be changing the composition of what you eat and supplementing.  So let’s get into the Book of Beast!

Body Beast Nutrition Guide

I went from eating 1500-2000 calories a day with Focus T25 to 3000 calories a day with Body Beast.  Not only that, but now I am eating 50% of my calories from carbohydrates… compared to my usual 40%.  This means eating BIG!  So if you want to build mass… you will want to use the steps below to determine your calories and macro nutrients.  These steps are just summarized, so you will need the Body Beast nutrition guide to get your bulking diet completely fleshed out.

Body Beast Nutrition Guide: Determine Calories

  • STEP 0:  Assess your current BMI or body fat % level
  • STEP 1:  [100 – Body Fat %] / 100 x weight = Lean Body Mass (LBM)
  • STEP 2:  LBM x 10 = Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
  • STEP 3:  RMR x .3 = Caloric Modification for Recovery (CMR)
  • STEP 4:  RMR + CMR = Resting Metabolic Rate Modified for Recovery (RMR2)
  • STEP 5:  RMR2 + 600*  Calorie Intake to Maintain Weight (CIM)
  • STEP 6.  Use the rules below to determine Calorie needed to BUILD/BULK
    • If BF is more than 20%: CIM + 10% of CIM= Calories needed to BUILD/ BULK
    • If BF is between 20% and 10%: CIM + 15% of CIM= Calories needed to BUILD/ BULK
    • If BF is less than 10%: CIM + 20% of CIM= Calories needed to BUILD/BULK

In my case, I end up at about 3050 calories.

Body Beast Nutrition Guide: Select Diet Plan

Within the Book of Beast, there are then diet plans in 200 calorie increments.  You will round DOWN to the nearest one.  In my case, I round down to the 3000 calorie diet plan.

Essentially, now, I will eat 50% of my calories from carbohydrates, 25% of my calories from protein, and 25% of my calories from fat.  This breaks down to:

  • 1500 calories from carbs
  • 750 calories from protein
  • 750 calories from fat

And these calories need to come from clean, healthy foods… with a emphasis on whole foods versus processed foods.  The Body Beast nutrition guide has a great recipe guide to help you meet these numbers.

Body Beast Nutrition Guide: Supplement

I highly recommend both creatine and Shakeology as the minimum supplements to help build muscle mass.  You will need creatine as part of either an intra-workout or recovery drink… helping to replenish your exhausted muscles.  And Shakeology is hands-down the best protein/superfood supp that will feed your hungry muscles exactly what they need to build.  You can get Shakeology as part of the Body Beast Challenge Pack below.  Supplementing is a key to your success.

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