Body Beast Doubles: For Those That Love To Lift

body-beast-doublesWhat am I doing right now?  Gaining weight for one.  And no it’s not holiday fat… it’s muscle.  During the holiday season I like to eat a bit more (don’t we all).  So I conveniently pair that with a mass building program to help use as much of those extra calories as possible to build, not fatten.  And it’s not that I’m eating crap (maybe a few more splurges)… I just get to conveniently satiate my hibernation/fattening up instinct all the while getting stronger.  It’s a win-win.  So this December I am doing a program I put together called Body Beast Doubles.  After three rounds of Body Beast, I am getting creative with it!

Body Beast D0ubles

This is definitely hero stuff.  Body Beast workouts are among the toughest I’ve ever encountered.  This includes P90X, Crossfit, and workouts sanctioned by  Body Beast is legit enough on it’s own.  But with Body Beast Doubles, I am cranking up the volume (quite literally) to maximize results and really see what I can do in the gym.  The bottom line is it’s fricken hard.

But here are the details.  My Body Beast Doubles routine is based on a 7 day (so 1 week) cycle.  The traditional Body Beast program is actually a 6 day cycle… but this is the best way to do Body Beast Doubles that I have found.

Body Beast Doubles:

Day 1: Bulk Chest (30 min) + Bulk Back (30 min)
Day 2: Bulk Shoulders (35 min) + Bulk Arms (35 min)
Day 3: Bulk Legs (42 min)
Day 4: Bulk Back (30 min) + Bulk Chest (30 min) – reverse order of Day 1
Day 5: Bulk Arms (35 min) + Bulk Shoulders (35 min)
Day 6: Bulk Legs (42 min) or Run (at least 1 hour @ 160+ HR)
Day 7: Rest

These workouts are pretty much pure lifting at a very fast pace (think cardiovascular lifting).  So Day 1 really will be an hour of just lifting weights.  Day 2 really will be 70 minutes.  I’ve reversed the order of the workouts on the second round (Days 4 & 5) because I find that doing the first workout degrades the second, as I am pretty gassed at the end of the first workout.  So I have to drop my numbers a bit on the second workouts.  Doing the opposite order later in the week gives the workouts a little more balance, making sure that I do each workout fresh (first workout) once a week.

Bulk Legs on Day 6 is very optional.  I don’t really see the need to do this workout more than once a week if you want to anything else (like say… walk).  But it’s in there if you are truly crazy.  I have half and full marathon training to do, so I will be using Day 6 as my run day.  I estimate that I need to get in about 1.5 hours of intense running to match the calories burned from a Bulk Legs workout (just for reference).

You will need to up your calories for Body Beast Doubles.  If you are not hitting the high numbers in the Body Beast Nutrition Guide, I suggest you start.  You are doing nearly twice the lifting.  Body Beast = 6 workouts per week and Body Beast Doubles = 10 workouts per week.  So eat accordingly.

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Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
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5 Responses to “Body Beast Doubles: For Those That Love To Lift”

  1. Hi Ryan! I like your schedule. I noticed that this was a year ago now that you posted this and was wondering how the doubles went for you. I have just restarted Body Beast this week (was moving onto Bulk phase when Labor day weekend rolled around and caused an extended break). With all these home workouts and what not, even though I’m not that awesome at them yet, I do consider myself to be an athlete but want the body to go with it. I think I could handle the doubles, but just wanted to see if you thought it was worth it to do them?

    • Hey Danielle, sorry for such a late reply. I have not had a chance to catch up on comments in a while. I hung in with this doubles schedule for about 4 weeks and found it to be pretty good… but my second workout always suffered from my first. Today I am doing the bulk phase workouts and just focusing on going as HEAVY as possible for the shorter amount of time. in short, I don’t think you need to double up to get results that you are looking for. Do you seem to be progressing?

  2. What about doing the first workout in the morning and the second workout in the evening? Seems like that would solve the issue of the second workout suffering from the exertion of the first.

    • That definitely one way you can maximize each workout. I like the splits because you are actually getting a better workout because you are tired. you numbers just suffer. I have just gotten used to doing back after chest… lol.


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