Best Fast Food Choices… How To Survive The Drive Thu

best-fast-food-choicesFast food is certainly not the best option.  But as I sat in the Denver airport this week, I realized sometimes it’s nearly the only option.  Standing in the center of a circle of restaurants, it was clear that most of them (if not all), were some form of fast food.  At this point I started weighing choices… and what they were.  My realization was that not everyone understands the best choices to make in these “food desert” situations, which are not only in airports these days… but exist all over the United States.  What are the best fast food choices?  What is the lesser of evils?

Best Fast Food Choices

The easy answer and best fast food choices are always to decide not to eat fast food in the first place.  That day I chose to grab the healthiest looking turkey sandwich I could find from a little restaurant deli and a water.  Disaster averted.  I usually show up prepared, but had already eaten my protein bar and a banana earlier.  So I had to do something.  And not eating was a worse choice.

So… if I had to dive, headfirst, into a fast food menu… what would be my tips and trick that would satisfy my hunger and get me out relatively unscathed?  Here are the best fast food choices and tips that I use when faced with no other option.

1) Don’t always opt for the salad.  Why?  Sometimes those salads have way more calories and a ton more fat than the burger that these salads are supposed to be a healthy option to.  It’s crazy, but check it out.  While a burger may be 400 calories, some fast food salads are 600-700 calories and loaded with fat!

If you buy a salad, choose wisely… then use HALF the dressing.  You can shake the salad in the container with less dressing to get a nice light coating on the entire salad with much less total calories and fat.  It’s easy and you will get used to lightly dressed salads more routinely.

2) Ditch the fries and soda.  While the burger can be a bit of a bomb, it’s usually the addition of those fries cooked in oil and the sugary soda that tacks on enough calories, fat, and carbs to take your meal from a slight splurge… to a total GUT BOMB.  Opt for water or unsweetened ice tea to drink.  And if you insist on fries, get a small and try not to finish them.  Just have enough to satisfy the craving.

3) Eat slowly.  This doesn’t necessarily have much to do with best fast food choices, but if you followed #1 or #2, you may have a little less food than you normally would.  Take time to eat it slowly, drink water, and let it fill you up.  You will be surprised how far a sandwich and water can go if you don’t inhale your food.  Take your time and enjoy!

Best Fast Food Choices

Simple stuff, but over time these small changes can add up to big positive results.  I’m not saying that you have to make the best fast food choices ALL THE TIME.  Just most of the time.  Do it and then once in a while you can take pleasure in eating whatever you want.  Make good choices more often and you will see and feel the results!

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