Beachbody Vs The Gym: And The Winner Is…

beachbody-vs-the-gymOkay, I have to be honest.  I have been cheating on my Beachbody workouts with some other stuff.  The scandalous affair started while researching the latest routines body builders are using.  After spending some time on chat forums (which I don’t really recommend… not very open minded people), I decided to take a month off my Beachbody Body Beast program and take it to the gym with the most recommended program (at least as far as I could tell).  So I have done my month in the gym and returned for a last month of Body Beast.  Beachbody vs the gym, here is what I found.

Beachbody Vs The Gym

So first of all, the workout I have been doing is an A/B total body workout.  Day 1 has front squats, chin ups, bench press, seated rows, leg curls, calf, bicep, and tricep work.  Day 2 is deadlifts, pull ups, dips, and then variations on the first day.  Good stuff.  The workouts take about 1 hour and I was able to increase weight and intensity throughout the three weeks.  The sets consist of doing as much weight for 10 reps starting out and then doing set of 3-4 with the same weight spaced as closely as possible to induce near failure by the last rep.

What did I find?

These workout seem effective, fun, and have a decent amount of variety.  The downside is that after about 2 weeks, you realize you are doing the same workout every other day.  That wore on me a bit.

Beachbody vs the gym… the bottom line.  This was a fun experiment and I found the workouts to be effective but not efficient.  My 30-40 minutes spent doing the Body Beast workouts were both getting me better results and working me WAY harder.  In fact, the work done in a Body Beast workout makes these workouts seem pretty novice and not challenging at all, if I am being honest.

What else did I find?

Well, I have been doing some of the Body Beast workouts at the gym.  Turns out I am getting less out of these workouts while at the gym.  Why?  Because I don’t pace them fast enough, taking too long of a rest between sets.  Not an option at home with the DVD.  Sagi (the trainer) has you moving to the next set whether you like it or not… and pushing the pause button is a cop out unless you are truly bonking.  The results is that you get your ass kicked AND move a ton of volume.

This means that not only do I find the Body Beast workouts more effective… I find the atmosphere at the gym, the inability to have something keep your pace, and waiting to use equipment all things that sub-optimize the time spent working out.  When it comes to Beachbody vs the gym, I am finding that the Beachbody workouts far exceed the gym workouts in terms of difficulty as well (not that you can’t modify them to make them easier).

Beachbody Vs The Gym

Obviously you have to make your own choices.  In my case, my time is very valuable and a program like Body Beast gets me ripped in less time.  This comes at a price.  These workouts are hard… but having a virtual trainer via DVD in your living room really DOES make a difference… as cheesy as that may sound.  If I have to choose Beachbody vs the gym, it’s pretty obvious what my choice is.

I challenge you to give it a try and see if you agree!

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