Beachbody 3 Day Refresh: Better Than Juicing And Fasting


If one takes the time to learn about nutrition, they will find that this juicing craze is a big fad that has little connection to actual health.  Sure there may be some weight loss starting out… but the simple fact is that you cannot juice for the rest of your life.  It’s not realistic.  So in the end, juicing teaches you very little in the way of healthy eating.  It’s a diet band aid.  And fasting is worse.

Beachbody has been watching from afar, looking for ways to not only get in the shake/juice market… but also how to make it the best possible approach given the desired result.  Enter the Beachbody 3 Day Refresh.  This is our answer to a diet kickstart.  With this approach, you won’t need to make sugary juices or subside on only liquids.  This diet, instead, is designed to be your gateway to a healthier lifestyle.

Beachbody 3 Day Refresh

Check out Jose’s 3 Day Refresh Experience…

Beachbody 3 Day Refresh

The idea is to get you on course in the first three days and get you some results.  Then, with the basic skills learned over these 3 days, you can start to make better choices.  The Beachbody 3 Day Refresh even comes in a Challenge Pack option… so that you can continue with Shakeology once the initial 3 days is over.  This is the best way to ensure that you stick with a healthy lifestyle.

What I like about the 3 Day Refresh is that you get to drink 3 shakes a day (Shakeology, Fiber Sweep, & Vanilla Fresh)… plus you get to eat REAL FOOD during meals and snacks.

Essentially, you won’t be starving.  And you shouldn’t be!  Starving yourself only causes your body to hold onto fat as your metabolism kicks into low gear.  The Beachbody 3 Day Refresh hits that sweet spot of eating just enough to keep metabolism up but have a good calorie deficit.  This ensures REAL weight is lost… not just water weight like many other approaches.

Here are you options for the Beachbody 3 Day Refresh.  Pick one and go for it!  And as always, I am here to help coach you through your Refresh and beyond.  Click below and let’s get started!

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