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Riley & Ruca

It’s not all fun and games here on the blog… sometimes we have to get a little serious.  If all you know about me is that I am really into health and fitness, I assure you there is more.  Haha.  For instance… I am a big fan of dogs.  I really love them all, but I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Boxers.  Until recently, I had two of my own Boxers… Ruca and Riley.  Ruca passed last December but I still have my 6.5 year old boy Riley.  And he is the best guy around.  :)

About Me – Dogs

Well, you’re kind of a dog lover or you aren’t.  I have always been one as I grew up with them in my life.  There is something nice about coming home to someone/something that is absolutely apeshit about seeing you.  This gives you the total excuse to go apeshit right back.  And I am all over any opportunity to spaz out about something I love, haha.

Riley (also Ruca when she was with us) and I love to go on walks.  His favorite thing is to poo exactly 2 minutes into the walk and watch me clean it up.  I almost always curse him for waiting till we are in front of a home owner working in his yard or something… but what can I say, Riley likes to embarrass me.

We also love swimming in the ocean.  I take him to a little beach nooked between the cliffs nearby and we swim out into the little channel.  When the wave comes in, it washes us both to shore in a washing machine like fashion.  Then we swim back out.  And the people at the beach stare at us like we are idiots.

These days are usually followed by long naps.

beach-pic-jen-riley 2

He is ready to swim some more…

Riley has a tough-toy (anything else is destroyed in about 5 minutes) that is affectionately named “Sharky”.  As you might have guessed, this toy is a shark… and Riley loves to chase him throughout the house.  It’s amazing that something so silly entertains me… but it does.

It’s Saturday, I am sitting on the couch and Riley is sleeping on the couch across from me… and I just felt like blathering about how awesome a dog can be.

He is a good one.

It’s good to be needed… and depended upon.  And it’s good to be loved unconditionally.  That’s the lesson of the dog, I suppose.

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4 Responses to “A Bit About Me… I Love Dogs”

  1. I feel exactly the same way Ryan. I love dogs. They are the most amazing creatures. So loving. They teach us what true joy is all about :) My St. Bernard Marley was my best buddy, passing away in April. Worst day of my life. I lovr seeing your picturea of your dogthat you post :) Keep going apeshit with your dog….those are the best times in the world :)

    • Ahh Jayme, Sorry about your ol’ Marley… it’s hard to lose a great friend. Those guys really do capture our hearts. A good dog is about the best thing in the world.

  2. This is a sweet blog and so ironic. Like you, I feel a complete attachment to dogs. We talked earlier and when you told me about this blog… it felt like it was meant to be written…for a reason. As I told you, Thursday will be my last day with Brandy. The quality of her life is now managed by pain medication and it’s time to give her peace. It’s just been her and me for so long and I’m scared but setting her free is my last act of love and she deserves dignity.

    • You’re where I got it from! I’m sorry that you have to say goodbye to a great dog and a dear friend… she’s awesome. You are doing the right thing and she had an amazing little life. We will be talking a lot over the next couple of weeks I am sure… as it’s always hard. loves.

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