30 Minute Workouts… The Future of Fitness

30-minute-workoutsNot saying I won’t go back and do P90X or P90X2…  they are the absolute best programs for cutting fat and building a great base of strength.  They are wonderfully effective, challenging, and fun.  And they are also easy to follow and teach a person a great deal about exercise.  I think starting out with these programs can really set the tone for a lifetime of fitness.

But the future is here, and those programs are an hour or more a day.  What we have learned is that you don’t have to be working for an hour or more to get results… you just have to work hard and smarter.  Welcome to the age of 30 minute workouts.

30 Minute Workouts

I will most certainly go back and do a round of P90X/P90X2 in the future… when I feel I have the time to dedicate and I want something different.  But for now, I have a whole collection of 30 minute workouts that have me in the best shape of my life.  I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been.  I feel better and have great workouts most every day (now well over 1000 over 3 years).

When I talk to people, they assume that I am working out a ton everyday.  Most are shocked that I am only spending 30 minutes a day working out.  But that’s all you need when you have well designed programs that include intensity and good nutrition.

30 Minute Workouts: Building Muscle

Right now I’m doing a program called Body Beast coupled with Shakeology as my meal replacement/muscle building supplement.  Body Beast is 30-40 minutes a day on average (there are a couple workouts that are 50 minutes, but they are few and far between).  The program is all about lifting as much weight as you can in as short amount of time as possible.  I have never seen anything like it and it’s my favorite way to workout… hands down.  I highly recommend Body Beast if you want to gain muscle mass with roughly 30 minute workouts.

>>Body Beast + Nutrition<<

30 Minute Workouts: Getting Lean

I just finished 14 weeks of Focus T25, and this program was the jam.  Not only was it only 25 minutes a day (with a sneaky double day on fridays, but you get the weekend off!)…. it was surprisingly effective.  Crazy effective actually, especially when paired with Shakeology for meal replacement.  These are high intensity cardio, body weight resistance, and low weight/high reps resistance training.  You will soak your clothes with sweat in 25 minutes with a smile.  Think about the best group exercise you have ever attended and crank that up to 11 on the volume knob.  That’s Focus T25…  great 30 minute workouts for cutting fat and getting lean.

>>Focus T25 + Nutrition<<

30 Minute Workouts: The Future

In December, us fitness geeks get a treat.  P90X3…. and the most surprising and exciting thing about P90X3 is that it will only be 30 minutes a day.  I expect that 30 minutes to be no walk in the park and I also expect results to exceed that of Focus T25.  I think this program will truly change fitness, as it’s going to be the accumulation of over 10 years of P90X workout research, testing, and design.  These guys truly know what they are doing and so I think we have a game changing program coming.  If you are interested in 30 minute workouts that will completely change your fitness in the same way the original P90X can (we have seen enough before/afters by now)…. this will be it.  Provide your email in the form below and I will get you info as soon as it is available, making you the first to have access to the program.

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