21 Day Fix Review – Why It’s Different And Works


21 Day Fix Review

After 2 years of working with people on combined diet and fitness programs, it’s clear what the struggle is in most cases.  It’s nutrition.  After a couple of weeks, many people can get into the groove of doing workouts.  People even learn to crave the workouts.  The Achilles heel is always diet and eating right.  I can’t tell you HOW many people I have worked with that can continuously exercise… but cannot get their eating habits to change much.  And in the world of losing weight and getting lean, it’s all about nutrition.

21 Day Fix Review

The good news is that Beachbody, though an exercise program company first, has realized that we have to do more in helping people with the most important and challenging part of the equation.  Nutrition.  The fact is that you can completely undo the progress made with exercise by simply eating the wrong things or just a lack of knowledge about nutrition.  The good news is that we now have a great tool in our nutrition arsenal to accompany the fitness side.  This is the 21 Day Fix review.

Imagine for a moment that you get to forget about counting calories, weighing food, and assessing macronutrients.  While tracking is informative and important… it can be complicated at first.  The 21 Day Fix takes all the complication out of the equation.  Based on your calculated daily caloric requirement… you simply get a certain number of containers for each type of food above.  That’s it.  If it fits, you can eat it.  And you will get to eat enough that you won’t be hungry.

Imagine that, you are losing weight and NOT starving!  You aren’t even hungry!

And while there are many great recipes and food ideas in the nutrition guide, you can use these containers when eating family meals (that may stray from the guide) or even eating out.  It works for everything.  And it simplifies everything.

Plus it comes with an awesome workout program.  Or can be used with other quality fitness programs as part of the nutrition plan.  It’s flexible and adaptable.  Finally a nutrition solution that works!

Thanks for reading my 21 Day Fix review.  To learn more, simply click the link below!

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