21 Day Fix – The “Skinny” On This New Program

21-day-fixI have a core set of programs that I stick to coaching and helping my folks get through.  I’m good at coaching them because I do them.  We are talking Insanity, P90X, P90X3, Focus T25, and Body Beast.  These are the programs that I love to do and coach to my clients.  And they work.  This month, Beachbody has been releasing the new 21 Day Fix by trainer Autumn Calebrese.  I can’t say that I was too excited about this program until I learned more about the program approach.  Once I realized what the 21 Day Fix is really about, I am excited to help some of my peeps get through it.  It’s unlike what we have seen before.  And it makes sense.

The 21 Day Fix

A common phrase in coaching is “results are 70% nutrition, and 30% fitness”.  And it’s true.  You can exercise a ton, but if you don’t have a good diet and solid nutrition… you will not get very good results.  You will get stronger, but you won’t get any leaner.  And my experience is that most struggle with nutrition more than anything else.  Myself included.

Once you get a routine, it’s pretty easy to exercise regularly.  Eating right, on the other hand, is very tricky.

And most of the programs I use focus on the fitness aspect.  Yes, there are nutrition guides… but the workouts are clearly the more emphasized part.  While it’s more fun to focus on fitness, it doesn’t align with that 70% of results coming from nutrition rule, does it?

Enter the 21 Day Fix.  The focus of this program is diet and portion control.  The program comes with portioning containers that you will fill with each type of food.  If it fits in the container, you can eat it.  Plus the program uses and provides Shakeology as part of the simplified and easy to follow meal plan.

It’s truly a recipe for success.  See more about the 21 Day Fix in the video below:

Oh, and there still is fitness.  The 30 minute workouts are not easy but modifiable for beginners.  These workouts are tailored to challenge you at all levels.  With everything from cardio to yoga to beginner resistance training…  the focus on nutrition will make these workouts amazingly effective.

And that’s the whole approach of the 21 Day Fix.  We fix your nutrition and get you moving.  It’s the first program that truly focuses on the 70/30 rule of diet and exercise.  And for that reason I am adding it to the group of programs that I coach.  It’s that good.

Commit to the 21 Day Fix NOW!  We have Challenge Groups kicking off every month!

>>The 21 Day Fix Challenge<<

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