2013 Coach Summit: Fun in Las Vegas


The final party dance floor.

Whew!  Just got back from Vegas and what a ride…  I can tell you that I don’t like Vegas much anymore.  I’m over the gambling and partying that attracted me there so many times years ago.  But when you get to hang out with awesome like minded people and do really cool health and fitness related stuff… Vegas is fun again.  As much as the focus was on learning and growing my fitness team and biz… I still managed to have fun.  So here is my 2013 Coach Summit travelogue…

2103 Coach Summit: Thursday

This was my second Coach Summit and Jen’s first.  We flew in on Thursday afternoon during the opening session.  The good news is that we got word that the check in line at the MGM Grand was absurd, so we managed to check in at airport MGM counter.  Us 1, Las Vegas 0.

Unfortunately we missed the big announcements at the opening session.  Vanilla Shakeology was unveiled and Focus T25 details were released.  Luckily, as soon as we got to the hotel, there were about 7000 other coaches to give us the details.  We immediately found our team and some of the coaches that I had won my free tickets and hotel package to Vegas.  I got to meet Mr. Mike Gottselig for the first time, and his awesome wife Jen.  Amazingly, Mike had also been featured on the front page of the Beachbody website that same day.  Very cool.

After attending the invitation only poolside White Party, we went to dinner,  just the four of us, to a killer sushi place in MGM called Shibuya.  We enjoyed an awesome meal together and just got to hang out.  Great time.

2103 Coach Summit: Friday

Friday was all business.  Although I skipped the morning workout sessions, we made the general session by 9AM and sat with about 10 or so people from our team.  Some great presentations and good business stuff before I shuffled off to have my meeting with Tony Horton.

At about 1PM I got to meet very briefly with Tony, and got to say some things that I had wanted to say to the guy for a long time.  After all… his words and approach to fitness are what gave me hope when I had no idea where to start.  And those same approaches are what inspire me today… and are what I use to inspire the same hope in others.

After the Tony meeting, we grabbed some quick sandwiches and headed to the afternoon workshops.  Some were okay and some were really helpful.  The last one we attended, Measuring Business Metrics was particularly good.

After the workshops, Jen and I had a nice little impromptu dinner at Emeril’s.  Unwinding, we met with a bunch of the team members in one of the little lounges and got to talk some more.  We were sitting a couple of tables away from Chalene Johnson and her crew, which was kind of cool.

2103 Coach Summit: Saturday

I got up early and headed to the Super Workout, where most of the 7000 coaches got together for a mix of workouts from different trainers.  It was fun to do the Focus T25 workout with Shaun T.  His live workouts always get me pumped up.  And it was fun to do the workout with our team all grouped together.

After the Super Workout, Jen and I grabbed a little breakfast and headed to the final session.  The highlight was seeing John Maxwell speak about the Laws of Growth.  Really, really awesome speaker… and really motivating (blog post to come).

After a quick lunch, we opted for a quick nap and then went to the team meeting.  I left the meeting a little early to get in a workout with Mike.  We hit the gym to lift some weights and had a GREAT time.

We went straight from the workout to the pool, where we met the ladies.  It was time to relax, as I think we all were at max information saturation.  We hung out in the pool on a beautiful hot sunny day and just enjoyed where we were at in  that moment.  Everyone was just brimming from all the great stuff we had seen over the last two days.

To wrap up Saturday and the Coach Summit, we grabbed some quick sandwiches and then got snazzed up to go the final night festivities.  We spent a couple hours watching the award show shenanigans and then the winners of the Beachbody challenge get their $25K and $100K giant checks.

After, we went to the Summit Celebration Party.  We got in the door and went straight to the dance floor.  The final moments of summit were spent dancing like idiots with some great friends.  We headed off to get some sleep around midnight, as we had to get up for a very early flight the next morning.  We were full and we were happy.

This was a great trip, and we are already planning next year.  I am excited to take more coaches and plan more fun team building events in 2014.  Summit is a blast if you love to workout and hang with like minded people.  I can tell you that this is a group of people that get it done!  So much fun!

See you next year!

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