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Contact: Ryan Gillespie
Tel: (619) 200-8427
Email: ryangilloo@gmail.com


A Nationwide Online Community Focused on Losing Over 4000 Pounds

Obesity in America is at an all time high, with projections that 2 of 3 Americans will be clinically obese by the end of the decade.  Obesity is at the root of many problems here in the US, causing massive health problems, lowering overall life expectancy, and crippling our health and financial systems.

THAT TEAM is a group of fitness and leadership coaches across the US (with many of us here in San Diego) planning to do something about it.  We work with people in person and  in our various online groups and communities to achieve weight loss, fitness, and health goals.

In 2013 we plan to raise the bar to the next level.  We are developing an online community focused on losing over 4000 pounds (or 2 tons, thus The 2 Ton Mission)!  The community will be entirely free, there will a focus on support and accountability with our large team of coaches on other community members, and we will look to enrich the quality of people’s health and lives.

Joining the 2 Ton Mission is free and we will welcome anyone into the group.  The real goal will be to lose 4000 pounds of body fat vs just weight.  This is a critical distinction, since weight can be lost through methods that do not lead to long term health benefits (e.g. starvation diets).  We will have easy to use weight and measurement inputs on the site that will calculate a member’s body fat percentage discretely, and then add it to the overall total.  Once we hit 4000, we don’t plan on stopping.

We at THAT TEAM want this to be a life changing movement for anyone involved.  We want to make a significant impact on the health of people throughout this country, and we believe that creating this movement is the only way.  To reach our goal we will need a small army, and that is why we are happy to provide any information, interviews, or write ups to those media outlets interested.


If you’d like more information on this topic, or to schedule interviews, please call Ryan Gillespie at (619) 200-8427 or email Ryan at ryangilloo@gmail.com